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Maximize the Power of Your Data

We build custom solutions for analyzing, communicating and managing biomedical and bioimaging data using our patented cloud-based intelligent system (IS).

End Your Data Chaos with Reliable Scientific Insights

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Complex Connections Made Easy

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Our Innovative Analytics

We seamlessly develop unique types of analytical tools to generate data-driven insights as well as incorporate products and services to intelligently predict optimal therapeutic approaches.

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Our Company Focus

Functional Medicine

Developing screening tools for therapists and trainers to identify structural concerns, compensatory factors and nutritional imbalances in an effort to reduce potential injuries and maximize performance.

Nutritional Profiling

Developing screening tools for health and wellness professionals to analyze the nutritional needs of individuals using our patented nutritional profiler which intelligently calculates thousands of foods, herbs and products based on the therapeutic properties of corresponding micronutrients, macronutrients and ingredients. 

Skincare Diagnostics

Developing screening tools to provide dermal professionals insights on intrinsic factors, environmental exposures and nutritional imbalances that may be impacting skin wellness and appearance concerns using our patented process of image analysis of dermal properties.

Covid-19 Research 

Our company believes fighting covid-19 goes beyond screenings and diagnosis.  Our research focus is on health factors, environmental influences and nutritional imbalances that may place individuals into higher risk categories.


Developing screening tools for mental health professionals to identify health factors, environmental influences and nutritional imbalances that may be impacting mental health and behavioral wellness.

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