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An Innovative Approach to Analyzing Data

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System Features

Our company has invested years into the development of our patented cloud-based analytics system. Our technology was not designed to replace the expertise of a professional, but instead, to provide insight and maximize their decision-making capabilities.  Our team focuses on creating a product that is affordable and user-friendly, and that eliminates many of the challenges associated with integrating technologies into a practice. 


Technology Integration

Our system interfaces with third-party technologies to remotely assess and monitor patient progress through the development of user-friendly mobile applications.


Data Unification

Our system can combine multiple data sets from biomedical sources such as intake forms, surveys, bioimages and biospecimens to identify causative and correlative factors.


Intelligent Processing

Our system communicates with medical experts and certified technicians in near real-time at crucial points of data processing to quantify feedback and qualify data extraction.


Interpretive Reporting

Our main goal is to help professionals make sense out of data.  We build custom reports with industry-specific interpretations presented in a user-friendly format.

Processing Features

Our innovative approach to extracting, processing and analyzing data makes our system unique and extremely powerful.  From guiding a user through the step-by-step experience of using third-party hardware to generating an interpretive report from the uploaded raw data, we take pride in our developed methods of quality control and precise outputs for every single analysis.

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Analysis Features

We desire is to create a connection between professionals and their patients with information that is beneficial beyond the services being provided by the professional in a complementary way.  Our developed computations and algorithms are designed to generate interpretive reports that provide predictive, preventative and proactive insights on dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors that can maximize the effectiveness of treatment plans or wellness goals.

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