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Processing Every Image
with Quality and Precision

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How We Process Images

Through years of research and development, we realized that human intelligence paired with systematic computations was the optimal way to maximize the quality and accuracy of imaging analytics.  Processing imaging data requires observational input as well as technical oversight at crucial points to reach the precision we expect and demand.   So, we built a system that seamlessly communicates in real-time with medical professionals to gain observational insights, and certified technicians to optimize data extraction for every single image analyzed!

Our system intelligently interacts with certified technicians and medical experts to compute imaging data in near real-time.

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Types of Imaging

Our system is capable of analyzing images from microscopic to full-body, and from multiple spectrums.  Imaging data can even be combined from multiple angles, spectrums or anatomical regions for our system to report correlative findings.  We have developed our system to be very flexible for a wide range of applications and adaptable to a large assortment of imaging hardware requirements.  

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A system that converts expert & technical observations into quantified data for automated analysis.

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