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Intelligently Calculating Personalized Nutrition

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Our Nutritional Database

We have created one of the most advanced methods for calculating micronutrients, macronutrients, raw herbal extracts and supplement ingredients based on the varying levels and ratios of therapeutic properties for each nutrient.  Nutrients are supportive to health and wellness in various ways, but their therapeutic properties are not equally balanced.  Our system uses a patented process to calculate the ratio of therapeutic properties of each nutrient within our database based on the latest peer-reviewed medical research.  Our databased contains thousands of nutrient profiles including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, herbal extracts, essential oils and medicinal ingredients.



Thousands of Profiled Nutrients, Raw Extracts and Medicinal Ingredients

ascorbic acid.png

Nutrient Profile Example

A system that can calculate the

synergistic effects between nutrients 

nutrient network.png

Foods & Products

Most systems use filtering criteria to generate recommendations by attaching support keywords to foods, supplements and medicinal products within a programmed database.  Our system goes significantly deeper by calculating the combined nutritional or ingredient contents of foods, supplements and medicinal products to generate recommendations.  Our database contains profiles for hundreds of foods including plant-based proteins, grains, fruits & vegetables as well as a wide range of supplement products. 

Hundreds of Profiled Foods Including Plant-Based Proteins, Grains, Fruits & Vegetables

banana profile.png

Food Profile Example

Nutritional Reporting

Through years of extensive collaborations with nutritional experts, we have developed a powerful method of reporting calculated nutrition.  Although each nutrient has various supportive roles within the body, each role can be classified within three main support types including 1) purification - the role of removing excess toxins and pathogens from the body, 2) nourishment - the role of restoring essential nutrients and eliminating deficiencies within the body and 3) balancing - the role of stabilizing hormone and peptide activity within the body.  Our system analyzes biomedical and biochemistry data, calculates the most supportive nutrients based on findings and categorizes the nutrients with the three main support types within a comprehensive report.  This helps professionals and patients maximize implementation by understanding their primary nutritional goal.

Prioritizing Nutritional Goals Within Three Main Categories

pie chart.png


the role of removing excess toxins and pathogens from the body


the role of restoring essential nutrients and eliminating deficiencies


the role of stabilizing hormone and peptide activity within the body

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