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Currently in beta testing, Thermetry provides professionals with the ability to see the unseen using automated infrared imaging analytics for a wide range of healthcare, research and wellness industry solutions.  Simply using an attachable IR camera with a smart device, our Thermetry IOS mobile app precisely detects anatomical regions, accurately measures thermal data and reports atypical heat patterns related to physiological concerns including inflammation and poor circulation.  In addition, Thermetry has the ability integrate at-home lab testing to correlate thermal findings with nutritional deficiencies, intrinsic factors and environmental exposures.



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Dermetrics gives skincare professionals the ability to analyze their patients remotely with one of the most advanced and comprehensive dermal screening tools available.   We combine biochemistry analytics with our patented bioimaging analytics to measure 75 dermal biomarkers.  Patients simply use the Dermetrics at-home collection kit to provide a specimen sample for lab analysis and our Dermetrics smartphone app to provide dermal snapshots of problematic skin regions for image analysis.  The system processes the data and reports nutritional deficiencies, toxins, pathogens, hormone imbalances, oxidative stress levels, inflammation levels and many other factors influencing skin wellness within a 50+ page report.


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NeuroSTAT provides mental health professionals with a tool to remotely identify intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may be influencing the mental wellness of patients.   First, a specimen sample is provided by the patient to create a biochemistry profile using our NeuroSTAT at-home collection kit for lab analysis.  Neurotransmitters, hormones, micronutrients, macronutrients, toxins, pathogens, oxidative stress and inflammation levels are all analyzed to prioritize influential imbalances.  Then, a personalized diet, supplement and exercise plan is created to help the patient optimize mental wellness goals.  Finally, NeuroSTAT uses real-time neurofeedback to measure daily changes in focus, emotions and stress by simply connecting the compatible mobile Eeg headband to the NeuroSTAT smartphone app.  A 25+ page report is generated for professional review and the system communicates periodic updates regarding ongoing patient participation and progress.

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